Psychoeducational Assessment


The following are assessments and other Psychological and Behavioral Services Division services conducted by Weinfeld Education Group expert staff.  Assessments determine
  • The students’ educational strengths and needs?
  • Does the client have a disability, which requires special education services?
  • What are the specific recommendations for the client?

Neuro Psychological Assessments are often required for cases of significant complexity, which may have challenging congenital or other neurological concerns.  These concerns may be the result of difficult pregnancies or deliveries, possible toxicity during the pre-natal period, small birth weight and/or size, developmental delays in multiple areas, a history of seizures, very high temperatures, head trauma, rare disorders, and ongoing health issues, for example. 

Psycho educational Assessments are normally employed for relatively high frequency cases of learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Emotional Disorders, Social Adaptive and Behavioral Challenges without significant neurological involvement. 

Educational Assessments are sometimes required to supplement other assessment information in specific areas of educational achievement.

Assessment services may be available on a subsidized basis for qualified families through our partnerships with Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA) and The Children's Law Center (CLC).

Admissions Testing
Weinfeld Education Group provides intellectual and achievement tests performed by licensed psychologists as required by many private schools in the DC metropolitan region.  These assessments are often briefer than comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological evaluations and are an affordable requirement for school entry. 

Psychological Consultation
Weinfeld Education Group offer psychological consultation services on an hourly basis for persons of all ages not requiring a full psychological testing battery but who may need clinical interviews for clarification of critical issues.

Behavioral Intervention Services

Our behavior intervention specialists will help you help you on a project basis with specific needs to include:
  • Observational assessments for an individual child to include home, classroom and school environments
  • Offer sound professional advice on what treatments, techniques, interventions, and therapies are most likely to benefit the child during the Individualized Education Program planning and meeting process
  • Development of individual or classroom behavioral management plan
  • Recommendations for classroom environment modifications
  • Development of a Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP) and/or Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) including training support and assessment of implementation
  • Design of curriculum modifications
  • Social skills curriculum, strategies and training

Ongoing Program Development & Consultation
Consultative services focusing on assisting in the design and implementation of a blended-method autism program for Pre-K through high school children with autism incorporating evidence-based methods such as:
  • Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH)
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
  • Developmental-Individual-Relationship (DIR Floortime)
  • Positive Behavior Supports (PBS)

To Get Started

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